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DashEye is your in-car driving witness.

DashEye is designed to sit on your dashboard and monitor your driving as you drive around. Should you be involved in a traffic incident, DashEye will automatically trigger and save a video recording of the incident to the photo library of your iOs device. If you happen to witness an incident yourself, you can manually activate a recording.

See dashEye in action here

Using an innovative loop recording system, DashEye will video record any events leading up to and immediately after an incident taking place, allowing you and your insurance company to review what took place accurately.

In addition, the video is overlaid with useful information such as your location and most importantly, your speed at the time of the incident.


  • Current Speed (MPH or KMH)
  • Current Address
  • Loop Recording system
  • 1280 x 720 HD Quality Video
Available on the App store,  FREE for a limited time!